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12-14-2016, 08:58 PM
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RE: Categories
iCodes have put the latest offers from Ordnance Survey under Travel – on my site that wasn’t accepted and they are under Sport & Leisure. It’s not however that simple because a lot of their stuff is GPS so where do you put that – under Electronics and Appliances or Computing. People search for such stuff under UK Holidays. If any category requires work it's imho Electronics and Appliances.
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12-14-2016, 09:57 PM
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RE: Categories
Not sure what you mean by 'your site wouldn't accept it', it must be coded in a unique way so not to use our feeds as expected.

We have 'Ordnance Survey' in our feeds under Business, Travel and Services. The deal was maybe under travel, but whatever the deal goes in is down to whoever adds the deals and so not an exact science.. So if your site doesn't 'accept' that particular deal then how does it accept any deal?

;Sound and Vision; is really a sub category of 'Electronics and Appliances', so if anything that needs to also go, however it's nothing like as ridiculous as all those sub travel categories.

If i'm completely honest the UK categories are poor, the US are better and the IN are the best, however because hindsight isn't something of much use and that we cannot rename categories due to causing too may issues for everyone, i'm afraid its tough.

The categories were deleted because we wanted them deleting and they needed to be deleted to also help with speed in adding deals.. but if people used iCodes in the way it was initially designed, then they could have had sub-categories coming out of their ears because they would have been the ones having to deal with categorising this stuff... but as its 95% us doing it I now think we have the right to make the changes to make out job easier.
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