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For Sale Today :

1-You need to have an iCodes Account to run the site with your affiliate account.
2-You have to be an affiliate with some networks (I will send you Step by Step PDF how to do that)
3-You need an Hosting... I can transfer the site to your Hosting for Free. You need only to have a Cpanel Within your Hosting..
4-The Platform is Wordpress: It is easy to run and manage the site like any wordpress site...

The Domain name is a premium domain as you see (2 Words domain .com)..

If you have another domain ready, i can build it for you...

Contact me via PM (private message)...

Price: $199

Thank You

RE: - Premium Design Coupons Site - aj2703 - 03-11-2017 12:41 PM

link is dead, unless sold?.