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User Added Promotion (UAP) - Admin - 09-13-2017 02:41 PM

Shortly we will be adding an Offer Type "User Added Promotion" (UAP) option to Advertiser Hub.

UAPs will not only be a great way to get advertiser promotions on your website which are not available in network feeds, but will also be a great way to earn extra commissions.

UAPs will work on a 50/50 clickshare basis, 50% of the clicks going to the affiliate who is displaying the UAP on their websites, and 50% going to the person who has found and added the promotion to Advertiser Hub.

A user added promotion can be anything you want to promote ie.. CODE,OFFER,FREE SHIPPING or TOP 10 CHRISTMAS TOYS, MOTHERS DAY FLOWERS, LATEST GADGETS, NEW IN STOCK, etc...

So basically, you can add UAPs to Advertiserhub, copy/paste the javascript or shortcode to place them on your website (ofwhich you would get 100% commission because the clickshare would be your IDs on 100% of the clicks), plus if anyone else grabs the javascript or shortcode and posts your UAPs on their site you will get 50% of the clicks made via their site.. which hopefully will turn into sales.

As the UAPs will use your affiliates IDs you will see the clicks and sales recorded in your own network interfaces.

It will be very simple to add a UAP....more info coming soon.

RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) - Admin - Yesterday 08:40 AM

We now have this working (although may probably change a little with further upgrades)

Example of some User Added Promotions on Advertiser Hub..

Example of those User Added Promotions on a website..

So if you add a promotion you will get 50% of the clicks if places on someone elses website and 100% of the clicks if placed on your own.

RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) - codesandoffers - Yesterday 12:38 PM

Lee, its brilliant! Thanks.. I will add some to it..


RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) - Admin - Yesterday 06:01 PM

Cheers Barbara, just seen them, they look good :-)

We will be adding loads of promotions ourselves, thats how we planned to monetize the free service, so basically everyone has the same chances of making money out of it as we do.

The hardest part for us was to make it simple enough for people to understand it within seconds of landing on the website... and I think it's nearly there with recent updates.

You can also edit your own promotions, it asks you to re-enter your aff ID to prove it's you, if it doesn't match then it won't let the promotion be edited.

RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) - codesandoffers - Yesterday 06:32 PM

Does it just allow six promotions per merchant?

RE: User Added Promotion (UAP) - Admin - Yesterday 07:01 PM

No, you can have as many as you want, but you can only display up to 50 from a single merchant, so for more than 50 just set the sort to "random" and it will show different ones on each page load.