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I found a bug in feed.
I have this

it is add address at the end,
it should be

Please fix it.

RE: OiP payg - icodes - 06-06-2017 07:38 AM

The bug isn't in the feed, the glitch is caused on the redirect via the agency (affilired).. however the link works fine when clicked from here...,-25%-off-from-Diamond-Resorts-and-Hotels

All you have done to try and correct it is remove the deeplink, this takes the visitor to the homepage instead of to the actual offer.

I've seen this type of thing before but it's a mystery to me why the identical link doesn't work from certain locations.. ie, the forum and where ever you are using it.

Ive contacted their agency (affilired)

RE: OiP payg - icodes - 06-07-2017 02:43 PM

Just noticed the link works fine using our ID 372728 ...

But doesn't work using your ID 111530 unless the deeplink is removed?