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Not sure..... - aj2703 - 03-11-2017 09:19 AM


I have a few VERY big facebook groups 50 - 100k in each.

I am looking for some ways to monetize them.

Have been looking at the live plugin. One of the key factors to my plan is to use auto posting software that pulls an ad from my site and posts it in the groups at intervals set by myself.

However after setting up a test site using the plugin and theme of yours I see no custom post types in the software setting for it to use to pull an ad.

Also I am pretty sure I have setup an amazon site only. Can you tell me why it only shows five pages for a generic search word / words that should yield more results.

Many Thanks.

RE: Not sure..... - icodes - 03-11-2017 01:17 PM

The live site doesn't really use the wordpress posts at all, its just built up of called up php pages as far as i'm aware.

I think Amazons API is restricted to 50 products per request, that's why it can only show 5 pages of 10 per page.