Full Version: OiP Live - eBay Product Match on Amazon Products
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The latest update of OiP Live now include eBay Product Matching on Amazon products.

An example can be seen here (eBay Matched Products are in the right hand column under the main Amazon product)


Added an How to Video Tutorial on creating an Amazon Only website using OiP Live..
Is this plugin work for icodes india
Yes it does
Here is a demo of OiP Live running an Indian website...

and here is an Amazon/ebay product page..
I have already created a site using icodes plugin update 6.1, May I use this plugin in my existing site or I have to to create a new site
You can either create a separate site or use your existing site, but you will need to completely delete everything (ie all the imported posts and categories) and install the OiP Live plugin and theme, however any previous indexed pages will be lost as the URLs to the pages will be different to the OiP Simple plugin (which is the import version)

The best idea is probably to have two sites, one running the import version, and the other running the live version, that way you can see which you prefer.
Thank you for your valuable suggestion, May I use this plugin in my sub domain or i have to buy a new domain
It should work in a sub domain (although not tested in one), but I think a new domain would be a much better place for a separate website.
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