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Lee.. As from the 8th March, I will no longer working in affiliate marketing. I don't want to do it anymore.
I have been making sites for twenty years, during which time I worked with you on Pagerank 10 and since the 'birth' of icodes and have genuinely enjoyed it. Although I have never met anyone, I have made good friends, yourself, Vince, Andrew, Frank and many more.
I have a few sites that maybe someone would like to carry on, I had thought of Abbi. I have some that are in the engines but are totally useless, affiliates just act as keyword banks for Google, but I have some that will become active throughout the spring and summer.
Garden Centre World etc.

Hi Barbara

I don't blame you, it's really tough now for smaller affiliates, it does feel much more like hard work nowadays than enjoyable, just fighting against google for traffic and networks to actually get accepted into any program.

People are still making loads of money but its spread across a lot smaller area then before.

Hi Lee

After much research I’ve now also finally decided to pull out of affiliate marketing. It would appear that what free traffic you currently get is likely to disappear in the furure due to the development of Googles Ai and other factors (you might find undernoted article which I came across a few months ago quite interesting) and to compete I would also have needed to start again with a fresh site plus also get someone to build a progressive web app.

Wishing you all the best for the future development of your business.

Hi Ian

That looks an interesting read, will look at it later tonight. Yeah it's certainly sad times for the smaller affiliates, this obviously effects us a lot,also even though we don't require google traffic ourselves, if affiliates aren't getting the traffic then they can't afford the subscriptions.

It's not just the reducing number of affiliates that is the problem, it just seems much harder to get approved by merchants, you would think they would be less fussy due to there being less affiliates, but it doesn't seem to be the case, especially with affiliate window merchants, a lot of the time it's actually the awin staff who are doing the rejections.

Thankfully we have very low overheads so have no problems keeping going, we did however have to increase the prices for new subscribers, but as it's now mainly larger affiliates/companies subscribing then it's still extremely affordable for them, just won't be ordering that Tesla any time soon.

It's a real shame all the characters have gone, it's not the same atmosphere it once was :-(

Would be nice if you added me to facebook to keep intouch like Barbara and Andrew have...


still here but desperately wondering whether it's worth it
(04-02-2018 04:50 PM)wizardpc Wrote: [ -> ]still here but desperately wondering whether it's worth it

I think Google have successfully molded the internet into a place for only multi million pound companies to thrive :-(
seems that way mate
is icodes down?

getting error messages across a lot of stuff
Any luck with your hosting getting it sorted?
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