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Some great news, we now have plans to add select crypto currencies as our accepted payment method, currently we only accept PayPal which is not available to some countries.

We have decided on the following..




Which can be purchased from


Which can be purchased from

If you have not yet heard of AffiliateCoin then I recommend you take a look, it could revolutionise the affiliate marketing industry!
Hi Lee, thought a lot about this i.e. getting involved with AffiliateCoin at early doors. Too much risk for me and if the following article is to be believed there could be a major flaw in Crypto currencies.

I'm not really familiar enough with the technology of blockchains to know how real a problem this is, all I know is that banks and governments don't like crypto currencies so will try their very best to spread bad press about it in order to try and get rid.

Without crypto currencies blockchain technology can still exist, and not all crypto currencies work using blockchains, so really is not anything to do with crypto currencies as far as I can see, it's nothing more than click bait and scare mongering, ofwhich this is just of 1 of thousands nowadays.

Its like blaming email, facebook, snapchat, twitter etc for spreading illegal activities, blockchains are just one of hundreds of different methods such things can be spread via.

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