Full Version: Trying to join merchants on AF
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Using the affiliate future interface is like wading through treacle, so trying to join the remainder 341 merchants 1 by 1 is near on impossible.

Here is a video of us trying to join merchants.. after only joining 1 I decide to contact their telephone support to see if bulk joining is an option they can provide..

Watch to end (or maybe fast forward) to hear how the phone call goes..
After hours of joining new AF merchants i managed 56 then suddenly all the remainder 'not joined merchants' no longer exist??

[Image: AFMerchants.PNG]

[Image: AFMerchants2.PNG]

While navigating AF I get the following error... (even the error page has a cosmetic error) haha

[Image: AFError1.PNG]

And this error...

[Image: AFError3.PNG]

How these networks get so big is beyond me!.
it's a rubbish network - Im amazed they're still going
I'm now trying to get owed payment from them, according to the FAQ I may need to complete some 'Financial Details' (must be a newish thing as we have had payments in the past)

On clicking on the Financial Details section it logs me out, then when trying to log in it says 'password incorrect', with a message saying I need to add a new password.. Not sure how to do this exactly but the only thing I could think of was to change the password.. but still no luck.

Obviously it's pointless sending a support ticket or phoning their "urgent support line" because nobody ever answers.
they really are amateurs
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