Full Version: AdvertiserHub (Free Advertiser and Affiliate Service)
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Advertiser Hub is a directory of advertiser details and deals which have been aggregated from the top networks, categorised, tidied then made available to affiliates in a very useful, quick and user friendly environment. (no need to navigate those confusing, clunky and slow network interfaces)

Affiliates can easily find advertisers to promote across multiple networks from a single platform, simply select a network, select a category and browse the advertisers.. or.. use the live search box to find an Advertiser then you will see instantly which network it is on. Once you have found the advertiser you can click a link to take you directly to that advertiser on the network.

Advertiser Hub is designed to easily connect the right affiliates to the right advertisers, plus get dynamically updated, manually tidied coupon codes and deals on content websites.


For affiliates the service will always be 100% free, and you get 100% of the commission earned plus no registration required. Simply select the advertiser, configure the type and appearance of the ad unit and enter your affiliate ID. Copy which code selection you require to use on your website (Javascript, PHP or XML). Once done the deals for that merchant will stay constantly updated. The Javascript and PHP ads will automatically use the stylesheet of your website, or you can use the xml feeds to completely design your own from scratch.

No need to rely on emails to copy and paste deals, no need to manually remove deals once expired, no need to manually tidy the deals, no need to have any technical coding abilities, it’s all done for you automatically.

You can also use AdvertiserHub to just easily grab an Advertiser Logo for your website, or a built homepage affiliate link containing your affiliate ID.


For advertisers the service is currently 100% free, you can either create ad units to send in your newsletters to affiliates or send affiliates directly to your page on Advertiser Hub so they can create their own.

Your page will consist of all your current coupon codes and offers, your homepage affiliate url, your logo url, and your network join link. You will also have the ability to login and enter further details and promote your program further to affiliates.

Once you have distributed the Javascript for your ad units you can amend, add or delete deals without hoping affiliates read the emails and do it themselves. Any alteration you make will be INSTANTLY reflected on all those affiliates websites, you will see stats of impressions, affiliate IDs using the ads, and the exact page(s) they are being used on.
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