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Tonights autobot for wowcher are expired, there is a new feed for living social, I assume it will be the same for wowcher.

What is the new feed url?, or do you mean the fields have changed?
The only ones I know are...

You would need to add the affiliate url to it as you do with TD..

The one I have used is...
3925 = livingsocial uk
4319 = livingsocial ie
3595 = wowcher

They are supposed to be updating awin but they haven't said anything about wowcher, I just changed the branding to wowcher.

To be honest, I don't know why we carry on with it.. Awin used me as an example, that Fred had targeted my sites, amongst 12% of other affiliates, but they haven't a clue.. its easy to blame Google, they need to look closer to home.

Example, most of the links for Living Social go to the index page, I have been looking as to why, I have found that they are sending them to the wrong diectory, they send them to 'national-deal' instead of 'shop'. I will now do a test!

Thanks for that Barbara :-)
It doesn't look as though wowcher is still working, I notice that they have a new feed id. It's 17405 not 3595, maybe if you change that it will work. I had notification about living social and guessed the branding in the live feed for wowcher. It seems to work, I have had sales.

Living Social takes you to the wrong page, I know why, I will speak to them now. I will let you know the outcome.


Let me know if you need help with the 'pending'.. holidays, etc
We import from awin using the merchant ID so it needs to be 3595, the ID 17405 isn't an ID for a merchant on awin so won't work with the links we use..

e.g. for wowcher we use...


but it doesn't work using the ID 17405...

I have used..


As you said it doesn't work, the merchant id is wrong in the csv.

The Living Social is the same, the new feed doesn't work, for the same reason. The content of the feed is wrong. I've been using the live feeds, awin feeds won't work on my server, something to do with ufh8

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