Full Version: icodes feed - grouping merchants, categories and tags
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I'm developing a fashion vouchers site. I am using the following:

PremiumPress coupon theme
icodes import plugin

When it does an auto import I have categories like "electronics" etc... ones that don't fit on a fashion website.

I realise this is probably due to the merchant's default category but how can I get around this?

I would also like sub categories like shoes etc but I realise I can't do that...

So I thought if I can add tags like shoes, dresses etc etc then I could assign merchants to those as a work around but I don't seem to be able to do that either. Is there anyway to do this or similar?

Any help on this would be great. I'm trying to convince the owner to stay with icodes but it doesn't look fit for purpose with the current setup.

Many thanks!!

If you only want fashion related merchants/deals then just select those merchants as joined in icodes (configure feed > my merchants), then in (Configure Feed > My Relationship) select JOINED ONLY and this will only import what you have selected as joined.

That's exactly how this site is configured to show only flower merchants..

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have just changed that setting, deleted all stores, coupons etc and re-imported. I still have categories like 'Gifts and Gadgets' and 'Toys and Games'. Any thoughts?

Many thanks!

Also is there no way to assign tags to stores?
Regarding the tag's you will need to ask Premiumpress

If it's imported other categories then you must have some merchants set as joined which also contain deals in those unwanted categories.

In such cases then you will probably need to import by category if thats an option with the premiumpress script.
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