Full Version: Have you received even a penny from DGM-India?
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I have been doing affiliate marketing for DGM-India, only supported network by icodes India. It's been 8-9 months. There is no place on their website, where one could enter bank details. There emails are not working. Phones are dead. How would you contact them? So, if anyone get your commission out from them, kindly reply. I am done with DGM.
The company is a complete joke, they contacted us last year to do an exclusive iCodes just for them and got us to sign a contract, in return they would promote iCodes to all their users and basically run the Indian section of iCodes ensuring everything was tidied and categorized correctly... They did basically nothing really and just ignored emails after everything was setup for them.

The amount of codes/offers and merchants have slowly dropped over the year and the categorization of the deals got worse and worse, it's certainly not a service we could charge for and so kept it free.
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