Full Version: ** AWIN Merchants Issue **
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Please bear with us as we correct the issue of all AWIN merchants being suspended on iCodes.

This was caused the the merchant feed from AWIN changing at some point which has caused the auto suspend script to malfunction.
ha ha theyve all gone

I used to check for suspended merchants weekly but since you removed the old forum I could no longer do this as this was where I cross checked them - used to spend hours doing it
Yeah, thats why we now had to start running the auto script as we had 300 more merchants live than awin had. But something must have changed in the awin feed since the last time we run the script.
now all the merchants have gone Smile
You will see plenty of strange activity until we have sorted it.

Nine of the auto updating scripts are working.. all different networks, and different coding
All fixed, not sure why there was a problem though.

All auto suspend scripts have been working for years, suddenly all stop working.

Shot in the dark was to change the '=' command in the scripts to a 'like' command, doing this fixed the issue.

logically it should be an '=' command so will have to research it.
is it sorted?
Yes, however we have 1555 live awin merchants, but in awins interface they are showing 1644 live merchant. So not really sure where the other 89 merchants are.

Im assuming they are not in the merchant feed from awin for some reason, but until I can pinpoint a single missing merchant then Ive got nothing to work on.
I think some are hidden
Yeah, thats why we resorted to manual, I remember now.

Will just have to do without the hidden ones until we find a workaround.
If you download a csv of all live merchants at awin, there are 1594 listed.

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