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finally trying oip live

trying to use a social sharing icon for posts but they dont seem to show?

couple of other questions - is there a built in place to add google analytics?

How do I switch codes off? I only want offers

Deals are not stored as posts so post plugins won't show on deals.

There is no built in place to add google analytics... You do know that's where they got their data from to rid of affiliates don't you :-)

If you don't want codes then remove the 'codes' page from the menu (or more accurately, don't put it in your menu), and in OIP Live > Settings > Default Searxh > select OFFERS.
ok cheers

why do I get a home page plus a root page?

why are they different?
google doesnt need any analytics to know an affiliates site surely

seems we are going through a lean time currently with indexing for sure

mine have dropped off the scale
Have you done this part yet..
Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page > Set 'Home' as a static front page.
You don't have to use the plugins homepage, you can create your own if you want.

The plugins 'Home' page will contain the shortcode [Homepage], so just remove that if you don't want it.

e.g. uses the plugins homepage uses a custom homepage
ok got that - thanks

how do I set the home page now it's sorted to just show the latest offers feed like the other sites I have?
If I understand you correctly, change the shortcode from [homepage] to [offers]
ah cool that makes sense - getting the hang of it

couple more questions

anyway to change the order of the pages on the top bar? would like to move to the left?

whatever I do to the columns of the static home page in the oip settings it seems to want 4 columns minimum ie if I remove a featured merchant it just leaves a space for that column even if I change columns to 3 rather than 4 for example

whats amazon asin?
Changing the order of the pages is a wordpress feature, not the plugin...

Appearance > Menus... then drag to what order you want. (if you haven't already added them to a menu.. then you need to)

Yeah, it has to be 4 columns if you're using the homepage shortcode.. i agree it should be optional, but that wasn't coded.

The amazon asin can be found in the amazon url, ASIN=XXXXXXXXXXX or on the amazons product page under 'Product Details'

but what is the amazon asin?

it's nothing to do with our amazon affiliate ID is it?

Ive noticed that you cant actually remove codes, just the menu page

they still appear in the recently added column without the page in the menu
The Amazon asin the the IDs of amazon products, it's if you want to feature exact amazon products.

Try this.. to completely remove codes.... Delete the page 'Codes', then go to 'trash' and delete it from their also.
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