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Has something changed in the AW voucher feed because there are currently a load of pending codes from a variety of merchant with no information under Title or Description.
Thats how it is in the AW feed, nothing has changed, its just more noticeable today because more merchants are effected by a known bug in AWs feed.

In AW interface you can see the missing data from their feed.

In their 'description' field.. whatever is shown in 'bold' in their interface is not included in their feed.


Merchant Hughes..
£20 Off all Hotpoint Over £300
In Stock Only
So only "In Stock Only" is the only thing showing in their feed.

In the case of Butlns Limted
0% commission will be paid on all sales using a voucher code
So only "WELCOME01" is the only thing showing in their feed.

and of all their 50 codes they have entered into the AW interface, you will be paid 0% commission if you use them???
I've manually copied the missing data from awins interface and added it to the feeds, i've also deleted the 50 Butlins codes as they were all 0% commission and didn't have any descriptions in awins interface either.
Hi Lee,

I previously highlighted that there were a load of pending codes from a variety of merchant with no information under Title or Description and you replied that was “because more merchants are affected by a known bug in AWs feed”. While you then went on to manually copy the missing data from awins interface, I’ve noticed that ever since then, these codes are simply being deleted and I’m concerned that if an increasing number of merchants are being effected by this known bug, there will be an increasing number of codes that that are not include in iCodes feed.

Unless you can tell me otherwise, my understanding is that the known bug is not a problem at AW’s end but how iCodes processes that feed and if that is correct, given this has been a problem for some months, I was wondering if we are close to getting a fix.

I've never deleted them since finding out I can add the missing data manually from awins interface (so the opposite of what you say is infact true), so if they are being deleted then it's not by me, however if you actually look at what's in 'trash' instead of assuming then you will see that not a single AW code has been deleted due to that reason.

I did delete 50 butlins codes, but that was due to all were 0% commission if used, and the 3 Medion codes were deleted because the code was corrupt and didn't work with testing multiple variations of them.

What you maybe seeing is us temp removing such codes from pending in the hope they may reimport correctly, but we NEVER trash them. (ie to trash them is to delete them so they are blocked from re-importing)

Regarding you accusing us of causing the issue, and not awin, all you have to do is look at the feed from awin yourself to see that your assumptions are incorrect.

If the issue was at our end I would say it's at our end, I wouldn't lie about it.
Hi Lee,

Lee I didn’t say trash I said they were being deleted and if what I’ve seen is you temporarily removing such codes, then that’s obviously not an issue. Also I wasn’t referring to what happened a few weeks ago I was referring to what was currently happening to merchants such as World Stores whose codes have been deleted on a number of occasions – two or three days ago I went through emails in order to get the missing information and when I came back to add that, they were no longer in pending. The codes were obviously re-imported.

With regard to what you called a known bug, can I assume given your comments, that awin are aware that there is problem and that they are working on a solution. Why I ask is that given their resources I would have thought that a solution would have been found before now.

The merchants such as Worldstores are always added by me 100% of the time, they are sometimes 'deleted' (to be re-imported) if I don't have time at that moment to add them, if they are left in pending then there is a chance someone will 'trash' them, because they sure as hell won't add them.

Regarding awins known bug, you don't have to assume anything, you can either check the awin feed yourself to see the data is missing, and read the posts on performance in started by other affiliates and answered by awins staff, or you could ask awin yourself.

They are working on an entirely different system as far as I can gather, and are fully aware of the issue, however i've no idea why they cannot simply fix the current feed.

Believe me, if the issue was at our side it would get fixed, I'm not manually copy/pasting loads of missing data day in day out because I enjoy it.
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