Full Version: Visualsoft Affiliate Network added to iCodes
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Visualsoft Affiliate Network has now been added to iCodes UK, just a matter of finishing populating the merchants and deals.

Sign up here...
is there a merchant list?
There is on the network, or if you look in pending merchants on iCodes, and what has been entered via 'my merhants'

There are about 80 merchants.
I joined Visualsoft to be able to help add the pending merchants, I am unsure if what I am doing is correct, I add them as I would do for tradedoubler but they look as though they are tradedoubler. Can you check what I have done before I carry on?
They are correct thanks, it is confusing as VisualSoft is basically just a re-skinned tradedoubler just run by a different bunch of people, all the links are tradedoubler links, infact everything is tradedoubler really.

You would have thought the tracking links would use the domain visualsoft, but they don't.
OK they are easy enough to add, as long as they are correct.. I will do the rest.
Thankyou Barbara :-)

Yeah they are correct, its just exactly the same as adding TD merchants.
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