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Ok, this is obviously me but i'm completely lost.

For a website i'm doing I need to get approved to, which I thought was on Tradedoubler... can't find it so did a google search.

The search took me to a help page which gave me a link to OmnicomMediaGroup, (is this the OMG network?), anyway I signed up but having trouble trying to verify the website so I emailed them, waited for days without a reply.

Now this network looks like a Tradedoubler clone with mention of Tradedoubler within the interface, even resetting password game me an email from Omniom and Tradedoubler?

Anyway, for the life of me I cannot find the login anymore for this odd network, nor can I find the page which linked to it.

I'm sure the networks url was.. but this just takes me to Tradedoubler?

Have I just entered the twighlight zone or what?
no thats not omg

theyre called optimisemedia now
Well I've found the affiliate page again..

And that links to here..

Still can't get site verified, it's definitely a trade doubler interface, and gives you the tradedoubler code snippet to but in your website to activate, but it doesn't work.

Why would leave tradedoubler, then join up with a tradedoubler company nobody knows about?
I think Game run the Affiliate arm themselves under the name Omniom network. They use the tradedoubler platform as a 'white label' so it's not actually tradedoubler.
Ah, that explains it, I'll give it a miss then, I'll keep on my stock check page but just say they are out of stock :-)

Same with Argos if they are still refusing to accept my application
I am an affiliate with Argos, you could use my CJ Account. I'm not using it any more. I am not joining any new merchants, I am unable to keep my mind on anything.

Your site looks really good, and PageRank 10 seems to be in favour with Google. Smile

I have done really well with all your projects, thanks for everything.

Thanks, i'll add your CJ ID to the Argos links then, you can keep those commissions if you want, I just don't want Argos to get traffi for nothing.

The new shortcodes are great, they really help finish off the sites. i've added them here also..
Just change the bank details to yourselves. I will keep adding the codes and offers, but don't rely on me, I tend to start them, then wander off on to other things. I'm ok but not as reliable. The sites look really good.. Smile
Yeah no worries, just do what you can when you can, I always check at points during the day, and if plenty need adding i'll plod along and do them :-)
didnt think argos rejected anyone

I get the odd 20p through them but never much else
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